Making A Difference In Your Life

Charitable Giving

Making the most of your gifts

Sophisticated donors are asking their financial advisers and attorneys – often in partnership with the local community foundation – to help them use immediate and planned giving strategically, as a tool for making their charitable gifts as efficient, impactful and long-lasting as possible.

Money from one’s treasure is probably the first form of giving that comes to mind.   Money is essential to organizations in order for them to continue their good work.  While money is tangible, many people also give in non-tangible ways with their time and talents.  Most of us have needed or will need help from others at some point in our lives, whether it is children taking elderly parents to doctor’s appointments, paying someone’s utility bill, or a nurse volunteering in underserved populations where you or a loved one is impacted.  These acts of kindness are essential to creating and improving a community.  Giving of our time, talents, and treasure brings us closer to creating a better world.

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